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RSS Destiny-A

Reward Points:26
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2 points

You don't need tons of money to have an education... Most people that are in the lower/middle class work their butts off to get what they want. For most rich people they get most of their stuff handed to them on a sliver platter. (In other sense, some higher class people don't work for what they want, there parents just give it to them... a lot of richer people haven't worked a day in their life.)

1 point

There is my information on how greedy america is now a days...My other evidence is the NEWS...

Supporting Evidence: Greedy with money (
2 points

I completely agree with your argument, women should have the same rights as men. Jobs should not be based on what gender you are, it should be based on your mental capacity. Like for example if a women and a man both interviewed for a construction job, the man will get it. But that is just sexist they wouldn't have ever considered picking the woman over the man... and that's just wrong.

Women should have equal rights!!!

0 points

This is an amazing statement on why women should have equal rights to me, that's why I completely agree with this argument. Women have always been know as the person who stays at home and cleans. Why can't women be known as the powerful do gooders?

1 point

But what about the women who are abused or raped? Some men don't care what they do to women... and many get away with horrific acts.

2 points

Well we shouldn't be placed in classes. America doesn't have to be completely equal but I do believe that we should help others, by donating to local causes. This will strengthen America as a whole too.

2 points

Sorry I meant *equal rights to men. Not women should have equal rights to women...

3 points

But that is one person...what about half of the people that live in okemos???

2 points

This is a GREAT argument! I 100% agree with your statement. PS, Andrew Carnegie is a great example of the social class.

3 points

I completely agree with your statement, women have came a long way, but there are still many things that could be fixed. The government is a big one, as you mentioned. But how come after 44 presidents...why hasn't a women been elected? Why is america sexist, when it comes to the leaders of our nation?

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