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RSS Jasmine-C

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1 point

I agree. there are problems with both men and women, and the only way they can be resolved is if we work together. Without teamwork, neither gender can grow.

1 point

It shouldn't matter if you are born rich or poor, if you work hard in your life you should be rewarded. It is sad that people don't ever really get a chance to rise in our society just because of the circumstances they are born into

3 points

I agree completely. Women are slowly but surely advancing in today's society.

2 points

I agree with you. Womens sports are not given enough attention. When people talk about sports they never really mention the women's teams and the playoff games do not get nearly as much attention as the men's, especially in basketball.

1 point

I agree with your statement. Yes women are still treated unequally but we have come a long way. There are more women going into professions that were previously held by only men, such as careers in science and joining the military. They are breaking the stereotype that says that their only job is to take care of the house and raise children.

2 points

I think that the "class system" in America is very uneven, and that we should work to shorten the gap between the wealthy and the poor. But at the same time I feel like getting rid of the class system altogether wouldn't be good because then people would have nothing to work for.

4 points

A recent poll shows that 49% of american babies born poor will remain poor throughout their lifetime. This is because of the social and economic barriers that our society puts in their way. They don't have the money and resources to advance in the world.

Supporting Evidence: Born Poor (
1 point

Women cannot advance in the workplace without men. This is because 95% of CEO positions and 85% of all executive positions in fortune 500 companies are held by men. This data makes it very hard for women to advance in the workplace if they don't have the support of the men currently in those positions.

Supporting Evidence: Gaining Equality for Women in the Workplace (
3 points

I agree that we should work on creating a smaller gap between the rich and the poor

6 points

The U.S. does not have a defined class system, but it is obvious that the likelihood of someone who is born into poverty rising to riches is not as great as the likelihood of someone who is born wealthy. There are some people who have defied the social boundaries and rose from "rags to riches." One example of this is Andrew Carnegie. He was born into a poor family in Scotland, where they struggled to survive. It wasn't until they moved to the U.S. that Carnegie started to make a name for himself by working in factories and as a messenger boy. He eventually became the owner of the largest steel company in America

Supporting Evidence: Andrew Carnegie (
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