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RSS Tallurid18

Reward Points:27
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1 point

There is a reason that the United States is doing better then most countries, its because they have a class system. It gives people a purpose to do well. In countries that dont have a class system they are not doing so well because people dont really care.

1 point

Another way that men and women are not equal is just how they are treated. For example, we read the book "Step From Heaven" which shows how Young Ju's mom is getting abused by her dad. This is another example how men are stronger than women not only physically but also they yell. This is another issue that is not good and we have to change in society. We have to make men and women equal in tis country

2 points

What were the 15 states? and does that really have anything to do with your point?

Tallurid18(27) Clarified
1 point

Sorry Noah I understand what you are saying now sorry for the misunderstanding

3 points

Here is the link to my last argument Noah, this should give you all the facts I have used let me know if I have any other irrelevant facts

Supporting Evidence: Women In Office (
3 points

The "class system" should not get out of hand. I believe that there should be one but it shouldnt get crazy. It should be enough that will make people force to work to get t wear they are but not that they are so away beyond their wildest dreams from a class

3 points

This is not a communistic argument there is an extensive class system in the country and I believe that it is important for people to have pretty closes wages. Because the country's "class system" is getting a little out of hand.

3 points

Women are also loosing the fight in office. According "Why does US still have so few in office" they said that United States is 98th in the world when it comes to the percentage to women in political positions which is very low for the country. This is another reason I believe en and women are not treated equal

1 point

Okemos isn't exactly the richest place on earth but people in Okemos do give to the humane society. Even in schools they hold food drives and then ask for money for these charities

2 points

Not to disagree with you but according to these stats most corporate accounts donate almost 5-10% of their owning. Bill Gates donates a lot of his money to charity so I have to disagree with you that rich don't donate to charities because they donate more than any other social class.

Supporting Evidence: Charity (
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