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TuanH(20) Clarified
2 points

It has something to do with my claim because I'm saying that back then the 15 states didn't ratify and today they still haven't ratified.

TuanH(20) Clarified
1 point

I'm not trying to say that they need to rely on it I'm just saying that it would help if people donated more.

TuanH(20) Clarified
2 points

It does relate to my claim because I'm saying that they didn't ratify back then and they still haven't ratified now so I'm saying that those states are still unequal.

TuanH(20) Clarified
1 point

I believe that hard working people should be paid what they earn. However I feel like people think that if you are working at Mcdonalds or Burger king you aren't working your full potential and aren't working hard. I find that to be totally wrong because people might be working at Mcdonalds or Burger king because they can't find a job and they have a family that they need to feed. If you don't have a high paying job it doesn't mean you're not working hard.

TuanH(20) Clarified
2 points

In congress there are only 99/535 women that is only 18.5%. In the senate there are only 20/100 women which is only 20%. In the house of representatives there are only 79 women which is only 18.2%. The biggest statistic however is out of all our 44 presidents we have never had a woman be president. An even shocker one is that we have also never had a woman be vice president. From these statistics it shows how men overpower women in government.

Supporting Evidence: Women in government (
4 points

I do believe men and women are eventually going to be even but I'm not sure when they will get full equality though.

TuanH(20) Clarified
2 points

I feel like charitable groups are doing a good job in trying to help people out like the Red Cross for example they specialize in helping people out in need. However I feel like people aren't doing a good job enough in donating to the needy to help them get back on course. So last year their was a tornado in Oklahoma City and Kevin Durant a star player of Oklahoma City Thunder decide to donate 1 million dollars in money to help the people that were effected by the tornado. I saw that on tv and was very happy but wondered why it doesn't happen more often to help the homeless people in need of a place to live or food to eat.

TuanH(20) Clarified
3 points

Today do men and women have equality in sports? No, in men's sports they make a load of more money than women and are also way more popular too. Think about it, some women want to play football but is their a football team for them to join? Is it because people think they aren't tough enough? Yes, people think they're not tough enough to handle the pain but men still get hurt but it doesn't stop them from playing the game.

5 points

I do think the United States has a class system. They have upper class, middle class, and the lower class, upper class which is where all the big business owners, singers, tv show hosts, sports players, etc are like. The middle class is the class that are just living their life and cherish every moment to the full potential. The lower class is the class where people who made mistakes were not given another chance and were punished or were born into it. I think people shouldn't be judged for what class they are and that we should try to make it so its more equal. This could happen by people donating more money and it will balance out.

17 points

Today I don't think women have as much equality as men but it is way better than what it was back then. Back then women were chosen after men for jobs and made way less money too. Today it has gotten better but women are still outnumbered in congress by men and still make a little bit less. Today the 15 states that didn't ratify the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote still haven't ratified it today either. This fact says how many states take men over women.

Biddle, Tabby. "Wait, Women Don't Have Equal Rights in the United States?" The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 24 Jan. 2015.

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