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RSS Adallas7

Reward Points:27
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adallas7(27) Clarified
1 point

Well if the people that "don't have a chance" don't work hard to try and "rise up in the class system" then why should they "get a chance".

1 point

For those saying men and women are equal, what are your facts???

adallas7(27) Clarified
1 point


Well how do you think the wealthier people get what they want? They worked hard for the money.

1 point


People in poverty can make a change for our country! Don't underestimate them!!! The link down below shows a homeless man risking his life for a stranger. This has sent a message to our country to make a change and sometimes put others before ourselves. So there you go Deniz, a man in poverty made a difference.

Supporting Evidence: click here for the link (
3 points

this is about gender equality in the whole world, but many circumstances happen in the US as well.

2 points

I don't mind the fact that people are helping those in need so that the classes are more even, but there are also people that have dug this hole for themselves. As much as I hate to see people suffer they need to learn a lesson. From the website below drug abuse, violence, and oppression are among the most common cases where people mess up their life and are now considered in the lower class.

Supporting Evidence: Why is there poverty? (
adallas7(27) Clarified
3 points


Not everyone makes fun of people in the lower class, you can't forget about the people who donate their time and money to help this class. You can't make assumptions.

3 points

I feel people should focus on ability rather then gender. Also when a woman makes a mistake it's in her reputation forever, but when men make a mistake it's just forgotten about.

adallas7(27) Clarified
2 points


what evidence do you have tat makes men and women equal? I know this is your opinion, but you need facts to support it.

5 points

How would we weaken or remove the class system? Why would one work hard for their money then give it away to someone who doesn't work hard?

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