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RSS Alaabairm

Reward Points:19
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1 point

If we didn't have a class system then the people who work really hard would have nothing to work for and the people who don't work will continue to not work, because they think they have no reason to.

1 point

I agree with Carolyn, what evidence do you have that they get negative feedback and what do men receive that women don't in the workforce.

3 points

I think that by having a class system, not everyone's voices are heard, and it ruins the legacy of life in this nation and people's pursuit of happiness.

Supporting Evidence: Why Does Class Matter? (
5 points

I agree we should all be equal instead of being classified on how much money we earn

7 points

I completely agree, since women have a "lack" of strength I think men should use their strength to help protect women's character

Supporting Evidence: Women & Men - Different but Equal? (
10 points

I believe that the U.S. has a class system, based on wealth, education, and occupation. There isn't as much poverty as there used to be, and a large 40% of the U.S. are categorized under the middle class.

Supporting Evidence: The Class Structure in the U.S. (
3 points

For the past fifty years women have been and still are discriminated against in the U.S.,mostly in the workforce. Women earn less than men in most occupations, yet they make up over half of the workforce. The gender wage gap has been improving at such a slow pace that by 2058 women will finally reach equal pay and I think this should change.

Supporting Evidence: Pay Equity and Discrimination (
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