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1 point

Yes, i believe in this third-world country, there are many classes ranking from high to low. It even shows when we elect presidents for example. Most presidents in the past have came from a wealthy family. For example, Obama came from a wealthy family as well as many past presidents. Then there are people from the lower class, the homeless or poor people. If we didn't have a class system, we would all be equal or same. Which obviously we aren't.

Supporting Evidence: America's Class System (
1 point

In my opinion, men and women are not equal at all. Men are looked at as the stronger, more dominate man in the relationship if there is on . The gap between men and women equality has grown immensely in the past 20 years.

Supporting Evidence: Gender Gap (
5 points

You're wrong. I don't support your statement. This is all just statistics and nothing relevant for young teenagers to help support our world. Also, you don't have any evidence and you could be crazy and psycho.

1 point

I disagree. What if men were the superior gender and should be paid a lot more than women in this world.

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