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RSS Cloutierj18

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1 point

I agree so there is some separation there but because women also can't be viewed as too masculine, then they don't get those jobs so distribution of jobs ends up fairly even.

cloutierj18(37) Clarified
1 point

Also colleges take a liking a richer people because then they don't have to offer scholarships since the people can pay for themselves. Thus he rich get better education creating a bigger gap.

1 point

What if men were the superior gender? Why should they get more pay though? Just because they have more to offer doesn't mean that they should get more benefits. I believe that everyone should be equal because although we have less to offer in some categories, in other categories we excel.

1 point

That's very true, colleges can be selfish. I agree with what you are saying now.

4 points

I agree that men and women are not equal in the job field but, what else makes them unequal?

3 points

I really like how you pointed this out. We really need to acknowledge that although we may have it good, there are still lots of people suffering. The US may be a leading country, but there are still some people in poverty.

cloutierj18(37) Clarified
4 points

In general, women are treated differently from men. Although it does sometimes happen, men aren't mistreated as often as women. Whereas women are victims from a lot of men taking advantage of them. An estimated 1 in 4 women have been victims of sexual assault but only 1 in 6 men have been victims.

Supporting Evidence: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Statistics (
1 point

That is not as much of trash as being mistreated or used like things instead of people.

1 point

I don't think that these stereotypes are necessary at all. Just because one person is a little different from you doesn't mean that they should get treated differently for it and I think if we tried to make that clear, then maybe the class system stereotypes would go away.

1 point

I agree with you and that was what I meant to say so thanks for clarifying for me.

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