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1 point

I somewhat disagree with this......... yes I believe it should be weakened or removed but I believe that the people in poverty could try to work hard and could make a difference if they really wanted to. I also think that not everyone has to join hands as long as there is a significant amount that is fighting for the cause.

1 point

I totally agree with this!!! It does ruin people's happiness because the lower class start to lose hope that things could ever get better and everyone deserves a fair chance in life.

1 point

This article supports my idea that there is a class system. It states that "class now determines Americans' fates." It also gives a common simple example of how bad the class system was and still can be......... If your daddy was rich, you're gonna stay rich, and if your daddy was poor, you're gonna stay poor. In some ways that example is still true but people that are poor wouldn't except the fact that they are so they try to work their way up the social class ladder. Some become very success and others not so much.

Supporting Evidence: American Class System (
1 point

I agree with this! Men and women have different stereotypes that there suppose to fill and as society changes more and more the stereotypes become less and less accurate.

1 point

Recent neurological studies show how men and women’s brains differ when communicating, when under stress, and when reducing stress. There definitely a different between the genders based on physical abilities, but that doesn't mean that men have to be superior to women just because they are stronger and have different stress levels and hormones. It shouldn't matter. If a woman wants to be tough and wants to do physical work she should be able too and get paid the same as a man.

Supporting Evidence: Gender Differences (
1 point

Okay I am glad you clarified that. Then I do agree with what you said.

2 points

The more people who drop out of high school are the majority from the lower class because they cannot afford a college education and also don't have the money to try and improve their learning skills. Fewer dropouts are middle class and even fewer are the rich kids.

Supporting Evidence: Charts of Social Classes (
2 points

There six social classes. They are upper-upper class (1% of the U.S. population) and the lower-upper class (2%), upper-middle class (14%), the lower-middle class (26%), working poor (13%, and underclass (14%). This model of all the social classes is an example that a lot of people believe there are a class system.

Supporting Evidence: Social Class Model (
2 points

There was a study done in 83 countries that found that women earn 10%-30% less than men. In 2010 the U.S had women working full-time still earned only 77% of the male wage.

Supporting Evidence: woman are better off today, but still not equal (
2 points

In many countries, it is easier for a man to divorce their wife then it is for women to divorce their husband. This is a great example of why men and women are not equal.

Supporting Evidence: Examples of Gender Inequality (
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