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RSS Kalfad18

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1 point

Because who knows, they may be able do something. Here is a list of people in history that are rags to riches:

Sheldon Adelson- This man was the son of a cabdriver. He was given $200 to sell newspapers, and started a business which led to his success as a gambler. His chance was when he was 12 and was given $200.

Li Ka-shing- This man was fleeing trouble in China, and went to a plastics factory. He eventually borrowed money to buy the company and became a multi-millionare.

Roman Abramovich- This man, who grew up in the Soviet Union, was a dropout of college, and was a military stint. He worked for an oil company and soon was given money to borrow to buy the company. He now owns Chelsea Soccer Clubs, one of the most valuable soccer clubs in Europe.

There are so many others at the link below.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/30/15

Supporting Evidence: Rags to Riches (
1 point

The reason that the class system is active, is because some people don't get chances to rise up in the class system, or it's just that many people work hard and get to the top. This is just the way things are, and the people that don't work hard don't deserve the right to protest, but I believe that the people that don't have a chance do deserve a chance.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/30/15

1 point

The reason that women have been receiving prejudice in the work world is because they never had the chance to work in the first place. In the industrialization era of the United States, very few women were working in the same categories as men, because many people didn't think of them "worthy" enough.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/29/15

1 point

The "class system", is not something artificial in our society, it's natural. There is nothing we can actually do that will help more than it will hurt to the economy that will fix the class system. If we give equal pay, people with harder jobs will protest, and if you only pay those that are working at a certain level of difficulty, you have the whole lower class and half of the middle class protesting for their "equal treatment. The only thing that I believe we can do to actually help this condition, is to just ignore this factor. I don't mean ignorance, but keeping it like a control variable in science. If we do this, many people will forget about the class system because, well, everyone else has.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/29/15

0 points

Women receive prejudice in the work world and discrimination. There is a false stereotype in the work world that states that women are weak, but here are some of the facts of why people sometimes believe this:

-Women make up 46% of the workforce.

-59% of these women workers only receive less than $8 per hour.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/28/15

Supporting Evidence: 10 Surprising Facts on Women in the Workplace (
3 points

I previously said that the class system should be weakened, and I still stand by what I said, but I also do believe that at the end of the day, hard working people should see their benefits. One new piece of my opinion that I am adding is education. Many people are not able to get to get equal education, and this is one of the reasons. In 1995, 88.3% of U.S. students were in public schools, and 11.7% were in private schools. In 2009, 90.0% of U.S. students were in public schools, and 10.0% were in private schools. It is projected that in 2021 there will be 90.9% of U.S. students in public schools, and 9.1% in private schools. I think that after you have completed education, it does not make sense for equality in jobs so that people do see their benefits. I don't support communism, I support equal chances.

Supporting Evidence: Proportion of U.S. Students in Public Schools vs. Private Schools (
1 point

China? They have one of the greatest empires alive today. The Soviet Union? They were more successful than America at that time. I'm not supporting Communism, but something that would weaken the class system.

1 point

Women, have been in the work force as long as men have, but have not been achieving the same results as men. This is because of the feedback that they have been receiving has been mostly negative. They should get what us men receive but alas, they don't.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/27/15

14 points

I think, the class system exists, and should be weakened or removed. No one in poverty can make a change for our country, and we need every American citizen to join hands with each other to strengthen not only our government, or our economy, but for us to join as one; one nation. This is what we need and without this, we will not be able to get where other countries are. We will not be able to achieve excellence. We will just worry about making a ceiling for being rich, and a floor for being poor, but that is not what our country needs to worry about. We can’t deal with one problem, because we have one-hundred and one to deal with.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/26/15

4 points

In my opinion, equality should be achieved for women. This is because many women go through hard work and make their goals as high as men, but only are able to get to a certain point due to not only the way that they are treated, but it is because we think that they can’t do anything to help our society, but they can because they are not weak. They are strong, and we need them to get where we want to, and have to, but without them, this will not and can not happen.

-Deniz Kalfa 1/26/15

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