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RSS Neddsc18

Reward Points:12
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neddsc18(12) Clarified
1 point

Here is more evidence to strengthen my previous argument.

Supporting Evidence: Class System in America (
neddsc18(12) Clarified
1 point

Here is more evidence for my statement about women being looked down upon in sports.

Supporting Evidence: Sports Inequality (
neddsc18(12) Clarified
2 points

Women are not only shown inequality in the workplace, but in sports also. Men have somewhat dominated sports in America. When watching sports channels, you are more likely to hear about the male basketball team then the female basketball team.

Supporting Evidence: Sports Inequality (
neddsc18(12) Clarified
4 points

People who have a doctorate are ranked higher in the class system because that high of a degree means you have enough money to spend on education and that you are very educated.

People who did not even go to or finish college will not be as highly ranked in the class system.

neddsc18(12) Clarified
3 points

Here is another article to back up my original argument.

5 points

I agree with your argument completely! I think that the two most common areas of inequality is in the workplace and in sports.

6 points

Chloe Nedds

I believe the United States has a class system. In many ways, people are grouped by wealth, income, and education. The class system difference is not as big as it used to be, where there were many Americans in poverty, and a smaller number of Americans who were very wealthy. There are many more people now who have larger incomes who could be doing things to help shorten the gap between lower and upper class.

Supporting Evidence: American Class System (
6 points

Chloe Nedds

I believe that women today are discriminated against in America. Women are mostly discriminated against in the workplace. They sometimes will not make as much money as other males especially when men and women are first starting out in new workplaces.

Supporting Evidence: Discrimination Against Women (
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