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RSS Sibelm

Reward Points:9
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1 point

I think it's wrong to have inequality in sports. Just because there are different genders doesn't mean some have to be left out. I agree that there is more belief i equality but that belief isn't universal.

sibelm(9) Clarified
1 point

I don't think there is a way for it to be removed, but there might be a way to weaken it. I agree that we need every American citizen to get together to achieve this.

3 points

I agree it's based on wealth, education, and occupation. Do you think the 40% can increase or decrease?

1 point

I agree; I also think that the owner's of the jobs should pay women equally because it's unfair to pay the men more. Just because the gender's are different doesn't mean the women have to get paid less.

sibelm(9) Clarified
1 point

Yes, there are people who can be between upper and middle class, and there can be people between middle and lower class.

2 points

These are great questions! You can't exactly say that men and women are equal when there haven't been any women to be presidents

4 points

I agree that women have been known as the weaker link and should have equal rights now. I just disagree that women now-a-days are treated like trash.

2 points

I agree that people are grouped by wealth and income, but I just want to know what you mean by "grouped by education".

5 points

I agree 100% that women don't have as much equality as men but it's better than what it was back then because it was worse back in the days when women, for example, weren't allowed to vote like men did.

2 points

I think that the U.S does have a class system which is upper, middle, and lower. Some people might disagree with it but that might be because no one wants to admit it because it's not really a thing for everyone.

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