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1 point

It's not just working machinery, it's also the conditions that some factories put their workers under. I know of one, but I will not say the name. They were having some people working 16 hour shifts. They were allowing these people to work this much in one day! That's just not right. It isn't just that females can't work machinery, obviously they can, but some of these factories are really, really bad, especially for females, to be working in. Just something for you to think about.

1 point

I agree. If charity was the best solution, why hasn't this been fixed yet? why don't people have the true support they need?

1 point

I agree. If charity was the best solution, why hasn't this been fixed yet? why don't people have the true support they need?

1 point

If someone with less money wants, desperately, to pursue their dream career, or knows they want a career and not just an everyday job forever, they can’t because they don’t have enough money. They could ask someone for help, but maybe that person, too, is working him/herself to the bone trying to make enough money for their own education and they can’t help you. How would you be able to get money to help pay for, not only college, but just able to afford food, drink, clothing and shelter for yourself? The only way would probably be to alternate the years you are in college, meaning every other year you go to college and the rest of the time you same as much money as you can. At the same time, you still have to keep enough money around that you can pay for the most fundamental human needs. Why do I mention this, the struggle for education and money? Because this is the reality of all life. All life in all the world. Not a class system that people think exists. In America, there is a promise for money and peace. What peace comes from lack of education and living life with no knowledge of how the world works? This may happen with those with more money. A child will be raised and have their college paid for, always have a place to go for shelter, and always have a way to easily convince people, businesses, government, etc. money, the exact thing that many people think the world, and America, revolve around, is the only thing anyone ever needs, but it’s not. We also need trust, friendship and fairness. America could do better. We could all do a lot better. Telling people the truth, being friends, not enemies, helping America have equality in every way possible. Equality in labor, education, as well as helping people with less money. Most people with more money seem to think they have more power and they mostly both frown upon and only give people with less money no more than a sideways glance. How is this America? Why is this America? Does this have to be America? Is this America’s future? It’s not even the future, it is the present, so why do we let this continue? I would say people with less money should take a stand for help and fairness and be recognized that they aren’t the poor ones. The only poor ones are the rich with their poor attitude, but I would not ask these people to fight either because they already fight so hard to take care of themselves and their families. The rich and poorer need to be balanced out. Anyone with more money should reach out and help pull anyone with less money out of the ditch. I know there are charities and such, but this isn’t enough. And it’s not just the money. Like I said, it is also the trust and friendship that those who we perceive as “rich” lack greatly. I do not believe there is a class system. I only believe there are choices people make that make a difference in their own life and in America. How dare we ignore those who struggle. This “class system” is the abstract idea of a useless hierarchy thinking that money is the only power, but it isn’t. The power only comes from the people. From our choices, trust, love and our friendship.

2 points

The last thing I will point out about the inequality between men and women is the factor of education. Not only in America, but all around the world. According to Dr. Nelly Stromquist’s “Better, Yet Still Unequal” in America, more women graduate college than men in the top 25% of the earning distribution, while in the poorer families or middle class, there is almost no advantage for women. In my opinion, this needs to be change and women need to start being more aggressive in bringing this to people’s attention. It isn’t quite that, in America, women don’t have the right to education, it’s more that those with less money struggle so much more than those with more money to be able to go to and complete college. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get the education you need, yet it is for about 75% of America. We need change in America. Some men have an easier time with their education and getting money because there are more jobs and job positions available to them. For women, there aren’t as many jobs available to earn money and yet we are still expected to be able to pull through college and get a job like everyone else. Just like all men. How can we do this if there are not as many jobs available to women, when women are perceived as weak and inferior, and when there is still racial discrimination and unequal pay between all women and all men? The rights women have, the influence, the stereotypes, the prejudice against women must all stop. Time can’t be rewritten, but the labor laws and rights can be changed. So why not we change these? Why can’t we? Why won’t we? Women have just as much say in this world as men do. We are just as much human. Thinking women are inferior is a mistake, but it will only be noticed when more and more women finally rise up and fight for our rights. When we finally rise up and fight for equal job positions and wages.

1 point

The unequal pay is not the only issue of the inequality between men and women. The other part of unfairness in jobs is some women are able to handle certain jobs while other women are unable to, but at the same time, men are able to handle jobs, such as factory jobs, and some are not. There are some jobs, such as being a teacher, especially in an elementary school, where a teacher should be somewhat delicate toward the children, and some men can’t do that, but some women can. At the same time, some men are better at these jobs than women. This reflects on my previous argument that the pay is unequal, so why, if women do better at a job and work more effectively than men, can’t both men and women have equal pay, as well as the same chance at a job as each other? To add to this, in some jobs, one can be promoted to a manager, but in these jobs, men are the ones who take these jobs so much more often. The people who are in charge of these jobs don’t support women to prove that we can handle these positions. Women may be allowed to try, but we just don’t end up being promoted. This is not fair at all. This has to change.

1 point

I love these examples. I quite agree, for I have somewhat had this experience.

1 point

The only major hierarchy is the work hierarchy, especially in the government, but this kind of hierarchy is not one most people of America are even part of, but there is one thing the people and the government have in common; they are both a part of America, so why should one have more rights than the other? There is one law that was made that I will use as this example; the right to trial. Why would one need a trial? Maybe one committed murder or assaulted someone. Compare the “average” person with one of a “higher power”, the government. If one of each were to commit murder or assault someone, would the government member, perhaps a senator, for example, have more leeway out of the situation than the “average” person? No, of course not. They would have the same penalty. This is also the same between one with less money and a “rich” person, really just one with more money. They would have the same penalty, but, depending on the severity of the problem, one may or may not be able to be let out of prison on bail. So why would there be a “class system” if we all have the same penalty? Why can’t the government help those with less money? There’s no point in leaving those with less money to suffer and/or struggle through life.

1 point

I agree completely. A lot of people with money can be way too cocky and strut around like everyone else is inferior, while people with less money usually have the better judgment and better hearts. People with less money also tend to have more empathy and sympathy for many people, while people with more money may have mostly apathy for others.

1 point

Then should something change, or do you think women and men should stay unequal?

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