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RSS Adairj18

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1 point

Yes, I agree, but that isn't how it based right now. You have to remember women get 77 cents compared to every dollar men earn. Right now, it isn't based on how hard you work but instead if you are a man or woman.

adairj18(9) Clarified
1 point

I agree, there was a video done a while ago. A man gave money to a homeless man and he secretly followed him and saw him buying liquor from a store. Instead, he could've bought food.

1 point

It sure sounds like you are supporting Communism. Just because you think they have one of the greatest empires doesn't mean their class system is better than ours.

1 point

Middle/upper class don't get stuff handed to them. How do you think they got the money? They worked their buts off, that is how they are wealthy. Yes, the lower class works hard too, but you can't say that the wealthy/ middle class gets stuff handed to them. That would be a false statement; or an opinion.

1 point

If news stations are run by democrats, therefore they are just going to say the information they believe. There is a difference between saying some people are greedy and saying how America is greedy..

adairj18(9) Clarified
3 points

I agree with Jelly and Nick. If we didn't have a class system then no one would be motivated to work. Yes, I think it should be weakened though; giving more to the poor.

1 point

People who have money to donate usually will donate their money. Studies show that 60% of the people who have people, donate money rather than spend it.

2 points

So, are you going with that there is a social class? And when you said you think people are more greedy that is just an opinion. You don't have any evidence to support your statement.

2 points

Women are almost 50 percent of the workforce but still are not earning as much as men. More women even graduate from college each year then men, yet men still earn more. Studies in 2012 show a inequality wage gap of 22 percent of how much men earned compared to women. What do you call this? Discrimination? Fair? When two people are doing the exact same job and not earning the same amount, that is not fair! Women have to fight for everything they earn; for example the 19th Amendment.

2 points

If you think women and men are equal, then why do women only get payed 77 or 98 (depending on job) cents for every dollar men get? If men and women are equal first of all, they should all get payed the same amount of money. And, if it's the same opportunities, why did woman have to fight for the 19th Amendment when men got it granted without fighting for? I think your argument is more of an opinion than a fact.

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