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1 point

The American Dream: That one day we might be a poor immigrant, but the next we could be the CEO of a fortune 500 company. That is one of the reasons that the rich on this country feel they earned their money and shouldn't take extra tax raises. I agree that they have the right to earn their money and it's their money,, but in the end keep it in your heart the rest of your country hard working American's who struggle to make a living and support your family.

1 point

I agree with you that there should be a class system and that everyone shouldn't be the same. However I do think the disparity between the rich and poor shouldn't be as high, that's all.

1 point

Weakened is the key word not removed, that is what changed my opinion on your argument.

1 point

Who says the Soviet Union was more successful than America?, it would just help to see some evidence behind it, once that is done I might agree with you.

1 point

The numbers show that woman earn a lot less than men, I think it is just general perception of them that gets misconceived, that hey are weaker and inferior, which is simply not true. A lot of times their production can be higher than men because they are more professional in the work place.

Supporting Evidence: femaleincomedesparity (
2 points

I like your article I just think you need more evidence. Like the exact numbers between men's and woman's sports.

2 points

I really like your article it really shows how much we still have to come in woman's rights and especially in sport's and in Title IX legislation

0 points

Plenty of woman recently have been joining the army lately. And to industrialization claim that it is strictly a male profession. There are many hard working woman who work hard for their families on the assembly line in Detroit and many other blue collar towns.

hausere18(27) Clarified
2 points

It is certainly great when people donate, but is not something we can rely on.

1 point

I'm not sure if relying on people's charitable donations should be an answer to this problem. I think direct government intervention is the best way to fix it.

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