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RSS Nathanto

Reward Points:23
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1 point

Exactly what I wanted to say. They're some voters who would want a female president, but unfortunately most of the voters choose to have a male president. I'm confused as to why you disputed?

2 points

Yes, back then, women couldn't even vote! They had woman suffragists leaders such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who did their very best to allow women the right to vote

1 point

That's true but, we'll know that the money would be distributed evenly. You don't need the fancy houses, cars, and garage, all you need is something affordable to support your needs.

nathanto(23) Clarified
1 point

There's not really any evidence needed, all the time on TV commercials, there has to be a male in a professional sport advertising. Since these people are so popular, a lot of companies use them to drag in their customers to purchase their product.

nathanto(23) Clarified
1 point

Honestly, it's really up to people, not so much the government.

1 point

Arguable, but what about the disable people? Do they deserve to be in the streets, just because they are different?

1 point

Income is often closely aligned with other indicators of status; for example, those with high incomes likely have substantial education, high status occupations, and powerful social networks.

1 point

High income earners likely are substantially educated, have high-status occupations, and maintain powerful social networks.

According to the "American Dream," American society is meritocratic and class is achievement-based. In other words, one's membership in a particular social class is based on educational and career accomplishments.

Source: Boundless. “The Class Structure in the U.S..” Boundless Sociology.

2 points

I totaly agree with you, everybody should have close to the same amount of money, or just get rid of it because it's causing a havoc for a lot of people, unfortunately.

0 points

Not exactly. Especially when it comes to sports, you see on commercials famous basketball players such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant who get paid millions just to be in that commercial. When the famous male superstars in sports such as basketball, football, and baseball sign with a company like Nike, or under Armour, they get paid millions on the contract. On the other hand, in the Women's NBA, they're barely and fans at the game, the most high-paid player get 1 million a year and they have no commercials, and barely sign with huge companies. The most high-paid player in the NBA gets paid close to 30 million a year!

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